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Posted by Gold FM on 27/11/2012

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Chief Fire Officer of the Waihi Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service, Moe Stevens, said "It's a bit of a feast or a famine and the famine has broken by the looks of things and the feast has started". Moe was referring to the busy week of call-outs the firemen have attended in the past week.

Last Tuesday they were called to put out a grass fire at Waikino.

On Wednesday a power line was reported to be down in Featon Road. It turned out to be a phone line, but they can still cause a few problems Moe said.

A car went through a new fence on Pukekauri Road on Friday. Luckily the lady driver was unhurt.

On Saturday the alarm went off at about 1 pm and it was off to sort out a shelter belt that was on fire opposite Waimata School. Debris from the shelter belt was being burned and the wind fanned the flames into the shelter belt causing it to catch fire. Moe said there was no major harm there.

The Waihi Fire tanker has had a busy time and on Sunday at 1.30 it was needed at Whakamarama. Then at 3.30 the tanker had to be brought back to a large fire which caused a bit of excitement on a Bowentown hill. Several trucks were needed to help out. The Waihi Beach and Athenree firemen were first on the scene and did a great job getting the fire under control.

Sunday was a particularly busy day as the boys then headed out to Dickeys Flat when they got the call that three girls who had gone for a boogie boarding adventure had not arrived at their destination by the prearranged time. Moe said the girls arrived back as they turned up so all was well. Apparently the river was not as high as they thought it would be and the girls had to spend a bit more time walking than anticipated. The alarm was raised by a concerned parent and there were huge sighs of relief all round when the 15 year old and two eleven year olds turned up none the worse for their experience. The girl’s parents send their thanks to all of those who turned out to look for the girls saying they were very grateful for the support.

Yesterday, Monday the 26th, the fire service attended an accident on State Highway 2, just past the cemetery. A lady driver missed a corner and crashed into pine trees. Her vehicle was badly damaged and the doors on the car needed to be removed to get the woman out of her car and she was transferred to hospital by ambulance.

Later on the same day it was off to Omokoroa with the fire tanker but they turned around and came home when they got the call that the fire was out.

Let's hope the next seven days are a little quieter to give the service a chance to catch their breath.

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