Fire Call Out 25/06/2012 - Young Couple Lucky To be Alive

Posted by Gold FM on 25/06/2012

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A young couple had a very lucky escape last week when they were trapped in their car which had ended up in a drain, submerged with water.

A woman who saw a piece of white wood on the roadside and thought it didn't look right followed her instincts and discovered the car, which had been in the drain for over an hour. The front of the car was completely under the water and the couple had managed to scramble into the back of the car. Moe said their heads were up against the roof and the water wasn't far away from their noses with the tide coming in.

When the Waihi firemen arrived the Athenree and Waihi Beach Fire Service were already on site and the Waihi Fire Service were able to extract the couple from their car.

Moe said "it was very lucky that the couple didn't have their young children in the car at the same time otherwise we would all have been going to a funeral".

Kiddy locks are important safety devices but in this case the kiddy locks meant that the couple couldn't get out of the car.

Moe said their guys were in the water nearly up to their necks and managed to get the doors open and drag the couple out. Hypothermia was just starting to set in so they were loaded into an ambulance quick smart and taken to hospital.

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