Fire Call-Out 19/11/2012

Posted by Gold FM on 19/11/2012

fire equipment

The Waihi Volunteer Fire Service has had a relatively busy week with six call-outs attended.

The International Academy had another fire alarm malfunction on Monday and on Tuesday a lady lost control of her car and hit a house. The woman was taken to hospital but was not seriously hurt. The house, on the corner of Walmsley Road and Dobson Street was in the process of being renovated and suffered serious damage to the front.

Wednesday the service was called to help put out a fire that gutted the Whangamata Area School Technology Block. Chief Fire Officer Moe Stevens said it was lucky that the rooms were unoccupied at the time because of a sports day.

On Thursday smoke was reported on Barry Road, and a small scrub fire needed sorting out at Campbell Road on Saturday.

Then on Sunday the fire service assisted with traffic control at a motor vehicle accident.

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