Fire Call-Out 10/12/2012

Posted by Gold FM on 10/12/2012

fire service 2012 xmas parade

Waihi Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service head honcho Moe Stevens said today that they always enjoy taking part in the annual Go Waihi Christmas Parade. The boys pulled out their 'water pistols' pulled up their long-johns and made sure to give the watching crowd a reason to duck when they went by on Saturday.

Their annual awards night happened on Saturday as well and the service did the obligatory bit of stirring with their best mates, the Waihi Police. The friendly rivalry is a favourite hobby between the two groups and the Waihi Fire & Rescue Service love to put a bit of 'heat' on the 'boys in blue'. The annual 'Go Waihi Trolley Derby Emergency Services Challenge' Trophy is contested with passion and the winner likes to do a bit of 'spoiling', especially when they have an audience, which is what they had on Saturday night.

There were four call-outs last week, with the first at the Waihi Beach Memorial RSA. It was a false alarm, so the boys headed back to Waihi quite quickly.

Another false alarm came in on Friday which had emergency services from Waihi and Paeroa converging on the Karangahake Gorge because of a reported motor vehicle accident. Then it was off to the Athenree Gorge in case the reported accident was there, but again there was no sign of an accident.

A call-out to Russell Street after a domestic dispute on Friday night had the fire service pulling out the chain saw after the Police asked them to assist getting a man out of a tree. At first the man refused to come down but the sight and sound of the chain saw changed his mind.

A tractor caught fire on Sunday morning at Opoutere and the fire service tanker was sent to help out there.

The Waihi Fire & Rescue Service is in the top five in New Zealand for the speed with which they can turn out to man the fire appliances at the Waihi Station and Moe Stevens said, "To be in the top five of a couple of hundred is a pretty good record". We agree Moe. You guys do a great job!

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