Fire Call Out 09/07/2012

Posted by Gold FM on 09/07/2012


The Waihi Volunteer Fire Service had a busy week last week to make up for the quiet of the week before.

Last Tuesday night a big fluorescent light in the ceiling shorted out at the Waihi Hospital filling a room with smoke. Chief Fire Officer Moe Stevens said the light was disconnected and removed and all is well.

Early last Wednesday morning, at 4 am, a Union Street propertys' garage caught on fire and caused a considerable amount of damage. Two vehicles were written off along with tools a dryer and clothing that was in storage for a business at the beach.

The Burrowing Bullie alarm went off and the boys checked it out but it was a false alarm.

The fire service went to the aid of the Waihi Beach Volunteer Fire Service as well last week to help out with a flood at the Waihi Beach Surf Club.The heavy rain caused some concern as it coincided with a high tide and some beachfront properties were threatened.

Parts of Waihi were without power last week as well when a young man suffering from a medical condition lost control of his car on Thursday night and crashed into a power pole on the corner of Savage Road and Morseby Avenue.

The Waihi Volunteer Fire Service at the scene of an accident last Thursday night. Photo: Austin Rattray

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