Fire Call Out 02/07/2012

Posted by Gold FM on 03/07/2012

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Waihi Chief Fire Officer Moe Stevens told Brian Gentil it had been a quieter than usual week for the boys at the fire station this week.

He said they hadn't ventured out in the cold this week and it's been a welcome relief.

A house in Paeroa caught fire on Sunday after the fire place had been cleaned out and the ashes were stored in a plastic bag in the wash house.

Brian and Moe took the opportunity to talk fire safety tips.

The Waihi Fire Service has just received two new airbags courtesy of the Commercial Hotel in Waihi. The bags are designed to lift vehicles and Moe said it's a very handy aquisition for the fire service. He said the bags are designed to lift 30 tonne each and the new bags take the number of airbags the Waihi Fire Service has to six.

Moe said even mine equipment would be able to be lifted with the bags they have now.

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