DRAT To Hold Workshops To Write Submissions

Posted by Gold FM on 27/01/2012


Drat spokesperson Collette Spalding says Drat will hold a series of workshops over the next 20 days with the aim of helping anyone who may want to prepare written submissions.

It's not clear in her media release whether the submissions are for the upcoming resource consent application expected to be lodged by Newmont Waihi Gold for their Correnso mining proposal or for submissions to the Environment Court.

Newmont Waihi Gold has been granted  a variation to their mining license which will allow them to mine below the Martha Mine open pit. Their original license was granted at a time when full public resource consent processes were not required and the decision to give the application a green light was made by the Hauraki District Council, Waikato Regional Council and the Minister of Energy and Resources under The Crown Minerals Act 1991 and The Mining Act 1971.The decision can be read here.

After consideration of the application the decision to allow the variation has changed the conditions slightly from those requested by Newmont. The public notification can be read here.

The only way left for any opposition to challenge the consent is by way of application to the Environment Court within 20 working days of  the first public notification appearing, and if the decision goes against the parties who brought the matter before the court, they may be required to pay the court costs. Objection form can be downloaded here.

Ms Spalding gave no indication that DRAT will challenge the decision through the Environment Court. She expressed disappointment that the approval to vary the mining license has been notified prior to Newmont's Housing Policy being finalised and said residents have been left in a vulnerable position with tough decisions to be made.

According to her hundreds of complaints lodged with the Hauraki District Council have still not been resolved.