Council To Decide Waihi Ward Numbers

Posted by Gold FM on 29/10/2012

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The Hauraki District Council will decide whether it will keep the status quo and retain five Councillors on the Waihi Ward this Wednesday at it's full Council Meeting.

Back in August Waihi Ward Councillors present were surprised that the Plains and Paeroa Ward Councillors did a u-turn on previous recommendations that Waihi keep it's five Councillors.They all voted to reduce Waihi's representation to four. The Mayor abstained from voting, but has since said publicly that he is happy for the Waihi Ward to be cut.

The public was invited to make submissions about the reduction and it was obvious after submissions came in that lobbying in certain quarters worked because the majority of submissions were in favour of the cut being made.

The submitters who wished to be heard had their say on the 17th of October. Five people took the opportunity to talk to the Council about their view.

Mayor John Tregidga has said on a number of occasions that it's not the number of submissions that count when it comes to decision time, rather it's the content of the submissions, so it will be interesting to see if the majority of submitters, who were in favour of all three Wards having four representatives will sway the Council or whether the submitters who wish to retain the extra Councillor for Waihi have convinced the Council that the status quo should remain.