Council Matters With Hauraki District Mayor John Tregidga

Posted by Gold FM on 19/12/2012


Brian Gentil spoke to Hauraki District Mayor John Tregidga this morning. John sent his Christmas wishes and remarked about what a busy year 2012 has been.

He said we should be looking ahead and celebrating what we've achieved. "There have been some positives, we've had a pretty good year, and I think we've managed things reasonably well. There's been some highs and lows. The big plus for me has got to be the Hauraki Rail Trail", he said.

An independent survey done by the University of Waikato shows that the trail is tracking exactly as Council expected. "It's all tracking pretty close to the feasibility study originally, and that's all good", John said. "We're getting close to final designs of the final stage which is Waikino to Waihi and very keen to get that done". He's still hopeful that it will get started in the New Year.

The design for the Waihi Library has been finalised and it looks like construction will start soon. The Mayor said he is "very, very keen and it's absolutely adamant from me that we make sure that local contractors get every opportunity to price this one out".

The water supply is in need of an upgrade and John said, "We were absolutely fortunate and we've got 4.9 million now for our upgrades of our water supplies from the government and you've got to put that into perspective because there's only 10 million they're allocating per year and we've received 4.9 in the last two years".

Brian Gentil gave the Mayor a bouquet for the Christmas lights adorning Waihi's main street and he is keen to make it over to have a look.

A highlight for the Mayor is the marriage of his daughter this weekend and he said he's got a very excited wife at the moment.

John has spent a lot of time on the Golden Link project and said it has worried him. He spoke about the positive side of continued mining and what it contributes to the economy and the other side with the people being affected. “I really feel that one and I've struggled with it myself personally, but it's in the commissioners hands", he said.

A big low for him was the murder of Paeroa's 'Pizza Man', Jordan Voudouris. "Someone knows" he said, "They’ve just got to be encouraged to come forward".

When asked about the outlook for next year John said he's reasonably confident we have hit the bottom of the trough. "It will be a very slow and gradual climb out and we're still reliant on what's happening overseas". He made the observation that if the farmers have a good year everyone else seems to.

He's hoping to get some golf in over the summer to get his handicap down and gave some advice about not hitting the credit card too hard over the festive season.

Merry Christmas to you and yours John!