Constable Wade's Story Told At Police Exhibition

Posted by Gold FM on 13/11/2012


Waihi is featured in an exhibition at the New Zealand Police Museum. The exhibition tells the other side of the fateful collision between striking miners and the New Zealand Police on November the 12th, 1912.

Forced to STRIKE! - Waihi 1912 ... is an exhibition that researches policing civil unrest and the story of one police officer in particular - Constable Gerald Wade. He was shot in the stomach by striking mine engineer Frederick Evans when Police and mine breakers stormed the miner's hall. The story goes that when Evans aimed his pistol at Wade for the second time, Constable Wade struck him with his baton.

With Evan's subsequent death making him a martyr for the cause, the Police exhibition relates that Constable Wade was never recognised for the pain he suffered or the service he gave to his country. Constable Wade endured a long, difficult recovery, carrying a bullet near his spine for the rest of his life.

One hundred years later the New Zealand Police Museum says it is setting the record straight.

The New Zealand Police Museum is located at the Royal New Zealand Police College in Porirua and is open Wednesday to Saturday 10am - 5pm. Entry is free.