Community Forum Elected

Posted by Gold FM on 14/08/2012

community forum

The final result for the election of Waihi East residents to sit on the Waihi Community Forum  is in. The election closed on Thursday the 9th August, 2012.

Dr. Tineke Iverson received the most with exactly 1,000 votes received for her nomination.

Rod McNae ranked second with a total of 761 votes.

Michael Scahill came third ( just five votes in it) with 756 ticks beside his name.

And Jennifer Koopu (better known as Kookie) received 627 votes.

These are the four people who will represent Waihi East residents on the Newmont proposed Community Forum that will oversee the Property and Community Improvement Policy put out by the company as a result of community feedback.

Five candidates stood in the election and as there are only four places available Chris Hallums missed out, but gathered 428 votes from his nomination.

The Hauraki District Council has officially declared Tineke IVERSEN, Jennifer KOOPU, Rod McNAE and Michael SCAHILL elected as Members of the Waihi Community Forum.

Only 1,278 voting papers were returned in the election which equates to 24.3% of eligible voters. Two votes were considered to be informal and 5 blank voting papers were also received.

There is more information about the Community Forum in other news articles.