Boys Rescue Man At Bowentown Beach

Posted by Gold FM on 29/12/2012

hero boys crop

Twelve year old cousins Will Smith and Sergio Schuler are being hailed as heros after they didn't think twice to go to the aid of a man who got into trouble while looking for crabs.

Sergio had arrived at his family's bach from Te Aroha the evening before and he and Will, who lives in Waihi had gone swimming together when they noticed what was happening.

The Asian man believed to be aged in his late twenties, had signalled that he was in difficulty in the surf by raising his arm in the air. He got caught in a rip and when the boys saw he was in distress they rushed to help.

Sergio raised the alarm and then swam back to help his cousin bring the large man ashore.

Despite the man lunging at the boys to try and stay afloat they managed to get him under control and calm him down. 

Sergio and Will are being praised by Police as they also swam against a rip to make it back to land.

Assisted by adults, including some family members, the boys got the unconscious man into the recovery position and CPR was administered prior to the arrival of ambulance staff who took over treatment of the man and took him to Tauranga Hospital.

Senior Sergeant Rod Carpinter of Waihi Beach Police said emergency services were called to the beach at Bowentown about 2.15pm. 

Mr Carpinter said he had nothing but praise for the actions of the two boys and he would be consulting senior Police managers about the most appropriate way the boys' actions could be formally recognised.

"Remembering, these boys are only 12 and are slightly built, the victim was a lot larger than them so what they were able to do is worthy of high praise indeed."