Back To The Future For Miners 25th

Posted by Gold FM on 30/03/2012

miners reunion cake 640 x 956

It was back to the future for ex miners who attended the 25th annual Miner’s Reunion in Waihi today.

The day was organised by Doreen McLeod and hosted by Newmont Waihi Gold who treated the old timers to a bus trip round the present day workings.

Two buses took the old timers and their partners for a trip down memory lane, although for most of the men, there is no comparison to their days in the mine.

Well known Waihi locals Justin Hawkes and Doreen McLeod became tour guides for the bus trip, explaining the differences between the methods and tools that the ex miners used compared to today.

The trip allowed good views of the Martha Mine from their mobile vantage point, and after their tour they were bussed back into town to enjoy a sit down lunch, renew old acquaintances and reminisce.

This year a special cake featuring the Pump House was served alongside the savory and sweets on offer buffet style at The Sterling.

One former miner remarked that The Sterling has changed quite a lot since his time when it was dubbed ‘The Blood Bath’, because he said the miners would finish work, head straight for the pub, down as many drinks as they could in quick succession and more often than not annoy each other more than a little.

Mock Tyson, Al McHardy and Dick Spurr cut the 25th anniversary cake at the Waihi Miner's Reunion

photographs courtesy of Kit Wilson