Waihi Volunteer Fire Service News

Posted by Gold FM on 01/11/2011

The flash new doors are now in place at the Waihi Fire Station. It's taken longer than expected but with a little final tweeking everything should be finished today.The height of the doorway needed to be raised as the new fire truck couldn't fit into the fire station because it was a little too big.

The Waihi Volunteer Fire Service had a number of callouts last week, so the truck got a bit of a run. They went to the International Academy on Landlyst Road last Tuesday, when the alarm went off. Luckily it was nothing more than the alarm being accidentally set off by workmen.

On Saturday afternoon the service were called to Quarry Road again. A land owner keeps lighting fires and annoying other residents and when the fire service are called they have to respond. Chief Fire Officer Moe Stevens said " he doesn't blame people for getting annoyed about smoke coming through their windows. It's up to the people lighting a fire to negotiate with the neighbours so that everyone's nice and happy".

The Fire Service responded to a call at about 7.15 last Wednesday evening at Mackay Town when a car's driver lost control going around a corner and smashed into a power pole causing lines to come down on the road.

On Saturday morning there were two callouts. One at 7 a m turned out to be a medical alert that was said to be in Rosemont road, but was actually in Paeroa so the Waihi Fire Service were stood down. Then at around 9.30 am they were called to assist the Whangamata Fire Service at a shed fire at Ohui. There was no water on site so the Waihi tanker transported a couple of loads of water to the scene to help to extinguish the fire.