Waihi Fire Service Call Outs

Posted by Gold FM on 15/11/2011

While it was a relatively quiet week for the Waihi Fire Service, they still attended three different call outs. One elderly lady got a bit of a surprise when she was cooking lunch in her microwave oven last Wednesday and it burst into flames. Chief Fire Officer Moe Stevens said the lady did everything right. She turned off the power, vacated her home and rung 111.

It was an early wake up call for the volunteer firemen on Sunday morning when they were summoned to a large fire that was creating a lot of smoke in the gully at the back of the old dump at the top of Bulltown at 2.30 am. It turned out to be a fire that was lit in the wee small hours so that the smoke didn't annoy neighbours. Moe Stevens said, "while the neighbours were asleep, we were awake, but anyway that's what happens I s'pose".

Suggestion ... if you're going to be lighting fires of any sort at any time, let the fire service know.

A fire alarm went off at the Whangamata RSA last Friday at around 3.30 in the afternoon and the Waihi Fire Service were called for backup because of the size of the  building. They didn't have to go far before being stood down to return to Waihi. Luckily there was no damage reported at the Whangamata RSA.