Local Real Estate Agents Work Together On Golden Link Discussion Document

Posted by Gold FM on 17/11/2011

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Waihi and Waihi Beach Real Estate agents have been working together to make sure that the impact of new mining activities proposed by Newmont Waihi Gold are adequately managed so that property values around Waihi are taken into account.

They have been working to identify the issues and to make sure that Newmont take their concerns on board.

Real Estate agents are legally bound to disclose all information they are aware of about a property to a potential buyer. Mining close to or below homes in the area may have the potential to 'undermine' the industry locally, and may make it difficult for home owners to sell their property.

A discussion document has been presented to Newmont Waihi Gold outlining possible impacts and offering suggestions that could be helpful to ensure the best possible outcome for home owners who may wish to sell or buy property now and in the future.

The discussion document can be read here