17 Year Old Guides Six Out Of Hot Water At Hot Water Beach

Posted by Gold FM on 17/11/2011

Hot Water Beach deadly rip

A 17 year old student from Mercury Bay Area School is being hailed a hero after helping six people survive being caught in rips at Hot Water Beach on the Coromandel.

Beau Hamilton acted quickly when he noticed a woman in trouble from his father's lounge window on Tuesday. He grabbed his fins and a rescue tube and made his way out to the woman, who was an American tourist, only to find five other people who'd gone to assist the woman had ended up in trouble as well and were caught in the notorious rip by Hot Rock.

His knowledge of the area and his calm support gave the panicking people the strength to follow his lead and make it back the 150 metres or so to shore.They'd had to brave not one but two rips with the changing conditions and Beau's confident reassurance got them all back to the beach safely. He kept reminding them to calm down and not waste energy panicking throughout their ordeal.

Beau's father Mike had been rallying support and lifeguards to help but by the time they arrived at the site Beau already had everybody safe.

Good on you Beau! Lap up all the attention you deserve.